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Corn Treatment In Wirral

What is a corn?

Corns are small circles of thick skin that appear in areas of repeated pressure, such as the tops and side of toes and on the sole of the foot. However, they can occur anywhere on the foot.

Symptoms of corns

You may have a corn if you notice:

  • A thick, hard patch of skin
  • A hardened, raised bump on the skin
  • Area of flaky, dry ski,
  • Tenderness or pain under the skin

What to do if you have a corn

If you have a corn and are in discomfort you should book a podiatry appointment. If left untreated a corn can become painful. Corns do not get better on their own unless the pressure that caused the corn is removed. The skin will continue to thicken and be painful if the pressure is not removed.

How to prevent corns

  • Have your feet measured and buy shoes that properly fit
  • Avoid wearing high heels and shoes with sharply pointed toes. If you are wearing heels at work or on a night out then consider walking to your destination in well fitted flat shoes.
  • Replace your shoes or their soles on a regular basis. As the sole wears out, it gives you less protection from the pressure of walking on hard surfaces.
  • Use protective coverings such as corn pads on areas that rub against your footwear.

Corn podiatry treatment

There are numerous over the counter corn remedies. However, these do not treat the cause of the corn and can be a risk for those who are diabetic, have poor circulation or frail skin.

I will carry out a thorough assessment to establish the cause of the corn. I will them create a treatment plan. My treatment plans include footwear advice, orthotics or supports to relieve pressure, padding to prevent pressure, maintenance appointments to ensure the reduction of the corn and surgical correction if needed.

If you are looking for a Podiatrist in Wirral to treat your corn then call me on 0795 6364 131. You can also email me at david.dodd@sky.com.